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Stay Protected With SmartCoat’s Nano Coating Technology

Many surfaces and objects you come in contact with every day are covered in germs. SmartCoat has been tested and proven to be effective in protecting you from highly contagious and virulent pathogenic viruses, such as E.coli, Staph and most recently the SARS-CoV-2(Covid 19).

An Important Technology Breakthrough

  • A Nano-sized Titanium Dioxide

  • Visible light Response and Reaction

  • Dispersion Technology

  • Titanium Dioxide Concentration

  • Binding Capabilities

  • Spraying and Fixing Directly

  • Gets Dry and firm Instantly

  • Can be Sprayed on any surface

  * Smallest nano tio2 in the world
     and fastest reaction with any light

SmartCoat's ingredient is an oxide derived from natural mineral stones, and when applied, can :

  • EFFECTIVELY eliminate virus and bacteria, such like SARS, Bird Flu


  • EFFICIENTLY absorb unwanted / unpleasant odors such like pets smell, sweat, food, durian etc...


  • PREVENTS fungus growth and water stains on walls


  • ECOLOGICALLY re-energizes the air, creating a greener environment


  • BRINGS VOC DOWN to almost ZERO in indoor environment

Who should use SmartCoat?

Health Conscious Companies, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Clinics, Hotels and Restaurants, in fact any Indoor or Outdoor Environments and all forms of transportation.​
To maintain a clean, healthy an pleasant working environment for all their employees and visitors.
Health Conscious Parents.​
To prevent attack by bacteria or virus (such as influenza, measles, chicken pox and tuberculosis) to provide further protection to your loved ones.
Smokers / Athletes / Pet owners.
SmartCoat can decompose cigarette smell and any unpleasant odors.
Green Building Developers.​
In many countries, tio2 has already been included in the Green Building Index (GBI). In Singapore for example, buildings that has been applied with this technology will automatically get 3 points in the GBI when applying for GREEN BUILDING STATUS.

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