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Safety Of Tio2 in SmartCoat

  • Titanium Dioxide (Tio2), also known as Titanium (IV) oxide or titania, is the naturally occurring oxide of Titanium, chemical formula Tio2.

  • Tio2 is non-toxic and approved by food testing laboratory of the United States Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) and CE certified.

  • Tio2 is considered to be a safe substance, and it's harmless to human.

  • It has a wide range of applications, form paint sunscreen to food coloring and commonly found in daily products. i.e. lipsticks, body powder, toothpaste, paracetamol, etc..

SmartCoat Features

Scientifically Researched & Tested By Accredited Labs

SmartCoat has been tested in numerous accredited laboratories internationally for compliance to various international standards of testing.

Sustainable Self-Disinfecting & Self-Cleaning

Based on disruptive technology, SmartCoat adhere to surface and a natural photocatalytic process takes place, creating a sustainable self cleaning and disinfecting environment.

Re-Engineered TiO2 Advance Nanotechnology

Key component is TiO₂ titanium dioxide engineered in nano size 2-3nm. Being a natural oxide of mineral titanium, works on photocatalysis for treated surface to be effective against bacteria and viruses.

TiO2 Photocatalysis Process

TIO2 - Light, O2 &
Humidity Exposure

SmartCoat’s uses TIO2 as a photocatalyst to accelerate the natural decomposition of organic matter. Upon exposure to light (with energy above the TIO2 band gap), energy-rich electron-hole pairs are produced. When applied to any material, such charge carriers interact with surrounding oxygen and water, generating highly reactive hydroxyl radicals and superoxide.

Radicals Attack

These radicals can either directly attack the surrounding microbial matter or recombine following different pathways forming hydrogen peroxide.


Hydroxyl radicals, superoxide radicals and hydrogen peroxide are the reactive oxygen species (ROS) ultimately responsible for biocidal activity of SmartCoat through non-selective oxidation of Organic materials.

Self Disinfecting

The catalyst is never consumed during the reaction, ensuring a continuous process of self-disinfecting process against microbes. The TIO2 particles in SmartCoat are specifically engineered to work in all environments.

SmartCoat Eliminate VOC as well as kills bacteria and fungi by emitting oxygen radicals

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