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  • Armor 8, Anti bacteria Nano Spray 250ML

Armor 8, Anti bacteria Nano Spray 250ML


Armor8 Nano Spray Anti-Bacterial Long Lasting Disinfectant Sanitizer 250ml
- Kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria, mold
- 100% non-toxic, safe if come into contact with skin
- Can be used on any hard of soft surfaces
- Can be sprayed on masks to generate to protective shield 
- Nano-Coated- protects up to 30 days 
- Clean & Safe for the Environment 
- Suitable for Baby & Children products (toy, stroller, car seat...), Electronic device (keyboard, remote, air-con, mobile phone...) Household Items (Sofa, bed, pillow, chair, door knobs..) Accessories (shoes, watches, bags...) etc.

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