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Decomposing anything organic in nature (like Micro-Organisms) which come's into contact with, or onto a treated area. Bacteria, Viruses, Funguses, and many other airborne contaminants being typical examples.


SmartCoat Cambodia

We, at Smartcoat Cambodia are a team of passionate individuals who are firm believers of the benefits that Titanium Dioxide can bring to the world.

Along with our global partners and research labs, we are very excited to bring you Titanium Dioxide based earth friendly products that benefits you and your love one. 


Happy Customers

What they're saying

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the mall underwent deep sanitisation and cleaning to ensure our public areas, amenities, facilities are clean for the public. What we did then was we coated our areas with Smartcoat, which is a layer of protective coating so that if pathogens upon contact with this treated surface, it will be killed immediately. We deployed Smartcoat in all of our 7 malls.

Kevin Tan

     COO of Sunway Malls 

Fast and efficient services. During the covid-19 pandemic, I always worry about the safety of my employees. I tried to find a way to make sure all my staff stay protected and safe when they come to work. It is a great choice to use SmartCoat. It has Sustainable Self-Disinfecting & Self-Cleaning functions, removes all odour and doesn't harm our health. Not only against Covid-19 but can prevent all viruses as well. Recommended using the services at your office space. 

Victor Kaw

CEO of Massive Distributions

I always have a problem with the bad smell in my car even I tired to clean it frequently. One day, I went to clean my car as usual at my favorite car cleaning services. Then they recommended SmartCoat to me. After I used the services, I'm very satisfy with it. Not only remove the bad smell away, it's also kill all the bacterial, virus and especially it is self-disinfection and self-cleaning. Now, I feel enjoyable to drive my car all the time. 

Pisey Choub
General Customer 

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